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We are fully aware of privacy rights and realise that in today’s increasingly litigious and highly competitive workplace, confidentiality is extremely important for a host of reasons.
Honesty, integrity & respect for private information is taken very seriously. Our website, server and audio transcription software are all encrypted to protect our clients' property. 
Every single staff member including management sign a non-disclosure agreement. Alternatively, we are more that happy to sign our clients' non-disclosure.


Protect your Confidential Business Information

We have developed a method, through making use of our website, wherein all electronic confidential information and documentation are protected via firewalls, encryption and passwords.  We avoid using e-mail to transmit any and/or all sensitive or controversial information.  We will merely make use of email for corresponding purposes.Conf Small
Upon registration on our website, a written confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement will be entered into by the company and the client describing the type of information considered confidential.  This refers to information that’s not generally known to the public and would not ordinarily be available to competitors or opponents.  This agreement is a contract designed to protect the client’s confidential “business information”.  We understand that its extremely vital to law firms today, especially considering the ease in which large amounts of information can electronically be transfered, much of which would be incredibly damaging in the hands of a competitor or opponent.

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